Baumkuchen Cake: Heartly Appetite for any Occasion

July 14. 2022


If you have ever tasted Baumkuchen cakes, you know freshly sliced Baumkuchen cake is one of the great culinary pleasures in life. The Yamanote brought this joy into their customer’s life by introducing “Ya Baum,” a brand-new pastry concept specializing in Baumkuchen cakes, a traditional German sweet and a popular dessert in Japan.

The Baumkuchen is nicknamed a “Tree Cake” because it resembles the rings of a tree. The most important reason for its name is that the cake is baked layer by layer on a wooden spit, call it a tree trunk, by an open flame. The batter consists of butter and egg York separated from the egg white. Then comes flour and a secret blend of the flavors. The egg whites are beaten, sugar is added, and it’s all mixed.

The unique concentric rings of the Baumkuchen are seen as a symbol of love, longevity, and prosperity; this makes the Baumkuchen a popular favorite at celebrations and festive occasions.

Yamanote makes its Baumkuchen with special equipment brought initially by Japan. Not many types of cakes have a bakery devoted exclusively to baking and selling Baumkuchen. But Yamanote, the Japanese Bakers, introduced this new concept to its customers by branching out to its sister company, Ya Baum.

Look at our most delicious authentic, lovely rings of the Soft and Hard Baumkuchen cakes made in a classical ambiance in an old-fashioned way. Each elegant ring is a piece of art, coated with the Chocolate, Matcha, Saffron, and Cheese, adding an extra layer of refinement.

Enjoy freshly sliced Baumkuchen at the Yamanote outlets across the UAE. Our Baumkuchen cakes are exclusively Handmade and prepared by specialized chefs and available only at the Yamanote outlets in UAE.



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