Covid-19 Response

In order to keep all our guests safe & healthy, YaBaum would like to address the current critical & pandemic situation accross the globe.

As per health & safety division, YaBaum have performed awareness sessions amongst all employees.


  • Following up with our staff to follow extra hygiene practices
  • Ensuring our staff are following through with hand washing procedures more frequently
  • Hand sanitisers are easily available at all locations as a preventions method
  • Regularly conducting awareness sessions for the service teams who are in direct interaction with the customers
  • All our food transport vehicles undergo the same hygiene practices as our kitchen which are cleaned on a regular basis
  • Spontaneous spot checks are performed on all staff stations by the certified person in charge
  • Our production area & vehicles undergo deep cleaning
  • If a staff member is confirmed positive according to a COVID 19 PCR test by an authorized organization, they are not to return unless they are granted a medical certificate endorsed by DHA stating that the person was discharged from isolation
  • Facilities and utensils are carried out PIC opening and closing checks to ensure the cleaning and sanitization has been done
  • Ensuring our staff are following through with handwashing procedure more frequently in every 20 minutes
  • Weekly deep cleaning schedule for entire production, utensils and transportation vehicle
  • Ensuring all food contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized after each task
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