Frequently Asked Questions

What is Baumkuchen?

Baumkuchen is originally a German layer cake, which translates to tree cake due to the layers resembling tree growth rings.

What is Baumkuchen made of?

Baumkuchen is made mainly of Japanese flour, eggs, butter, and sugar. 

How is Baumkuchen made?

The batter is baked on a rotating cylindrical stick. Each layer is baked, and the Baumkuchen cakes can be anywhere between 15-25 layers.

Is it made to order?

All our Baumkuchen cakes are readily available for dine-in, takeaway, and delivery.

What is the shelf life of Ya Baum?

We suggest consuming Ya Baum within 5 days.

Can I order a customized Baumkuchen cake?

We would love to create a custom cake for you and your loved ones, please contact us 48 hours in advance with your cake order!

Will you release more sizes & flavors?

Keep your eyes peeled as we work on releasing new and unique flavors specially for you!

Does it contain any Allergens?

All our Baumkuchen cakes contain Gluten, Dairy, and Nuts.

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